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How Dental Administration Can Benefit From Being Certified In Dental X-Rays

If you work within the dental industry, becoming certified in dental x-rays is required for clinical staff; however, it can be beneficial to the dental administration staff. Even if you are working behind the scenes of a dental office, you are still part of the dental industry and knowing dental terminology, procedures, and treatment can help you with understanding your daily duties and explaining to patients.

Working in the administration side of a dental clinic there are a variety of positions such as dental office receptionist, treatment coordinator, insurance biller to name a few. Each position has their own area of expertise which is tied to knowledge of the industry. Administration workers don’t work on treating patients’ dental problems, but they do handle their dental records and work with patients.

The dental administration team is the people who manage patients’ records as they handle the scheduling, treatment and financial plans, and billing. So how can you become certified in dental x-rays benefit someone who works in dental administration?

You can benefit from

  • Familiarizing yourself with basic dental terminology.
  • Understanding and interpreting dental records.
  • Translate procedures and diagnosis into dental coding.
  • Assist in performing dental assisting duties (usually office receptionists).
  • Creating a comprehensive treatment plan with the dentist and patient.

You will be able to answer basic questions concerning patient records and assist them when they need information faxed or filing an insurance claim. It helps you and the practice run more efficiently and effectively without having to wait on a clinical staff member to interpret information for you or delaying paperwork.

We’ve mentioned that working in a dental administration has various areas of expertise which is tied by knowledge of the dental industry. When you become certified in dental x-rays, you become more knowledgeable about what a patient’s dental problems are and what needs immediate attention. You’re better equipped to assist yourself and patients in the work that you do.

Become Certified!

At The Core Foundation, we offer a one-day certification program where you can learn the basics of radiation physics to radiographic techniques to infection control. We provide you not only with the knowledge but the hands-on training you need to be able to treat a patient. If you want to learn more about our certification, you can visit our Dental X-Ray Certification.  

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