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Looking to enter a new career? Have you thought about getting a career in the dental field? If you’re a compassionate person who loves to work with others and care for their needs than a career in dentistry might be for you. As a dental assistant, you’re the dental support to dentists and dental specialists, as you prep and attend to the patients’ needs before any other dental professional sees them. So what does a dental assistant do?

As a dental assistant, you are a health care support to dental professionals. You will perform many tasks that range from taking x-rays to record keeping and providing patient care from start to finish, meaning before the dentist sees and treats the patient. You can provide chair-side support in dental procedures and exams the dentist is conducting. Depending on the state and certification and licenses you have and are required, you can perform more functions.

Dental assisting has been ranked #25 for the Best Health Care Support basis on many factors which makes the position appealing to current and prospective professionals. Why is ranked number 25, here’s a list of elements that makes it possible.

  • Flexibility
  • Professional Growth & Development
  • Average Stress Levels & Rewarding

These three factors contribute to the balance and what makes it top position within the healthcare support professions. If you want to know detailed information about how these three factors, read our post about Why Dental Assisting is Top Job! to find out more.

At The Core Foundation, we offer both an onsite and online training program in Dental Assisting. For our on-site dental assisting program, you can expect

  • 12-week program
  • Both schooling and hands-on training with the instructor
  • Internship opportunity within one of our two dental clinics in Salt Lake City
  • It’s affordable, fast, and fun

If you find that onsite doesn’t work for you, not to worry, WE’VE GONE ONLINE! That’s right take us anywhere (as long as there’s an internet connection). Study at your own pace, time and in the best learning environment for you. With our online course, you will have six months to complete the program including the externship hours.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs, please contact Kathy Mitchell at [email protected] or check out our courses.

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