Work-learn-earn program

Foster Your Education And Career With Our Work-Learn-Earn Program

Let’s get real with Rafael, as he embarks on his journey towards becoming a dental assistant. Who’s Rafael?! Rafael Gardea is our student who has enrolled in our WORK-LEARN-EARN PROGRAM with our dental offices, The Center of Dental Professionals. He will be getting the hands-on experience of working alongside our dental assistants and providers while studying online with The Core Foundation and getting paid for his services and studies.

For the next 12 weeks, join Rafael as he takes us through his experiences of studying dental concepts and methods and applying it to his training onsite at our dental clinics. Each week we will be going live to discover his challenges, successes, and what he’s getting from this experience. Not to mention, we will be quizzing him! Wanting to be a dentist, Rafael decided to start early in his dental career as he paves his way through dental assisting.

So, what do you need to know about the Work-Learn-Earn program?  

It’s a program where The Center of Dental Professionals partners up with The Core Foundation to provide a student with the opportunity to train and study at the same time while committing to continue to work for a year after training. Within this program, our dental clinic is committed to paying for the student’s tuition and training to become a dental assistant.

It grants the student the chance to study without having to pay for tuition in exchange for a year worth of work. The student will be able to get the hands-on training they need to apply the material they learn from their online course, plus gain additional work experience where they’ll continue to improve their craft and knowledge of an ever-changing industry. They will be able to have access to the instruct but, also, have various mentors who will teach them the ropes of working with providers and patients. This program is a perfect experience for someone who is interested in getting the best of both hands-on learning and independent study. It’s the chance to take control of how you want to learn, at what pace, and where you’re allowed to be curious.

What can a program like this offer a dental clinic?  

Well, a Work-Learn-Earn Program is no different than a company work-learn program where they pay for their employee to attend school to learn new skills they can apply to their position. It’s been done before in other companies; we are just bringing this concept into the dental clinic environment and running with it. Unlike the typical work-learn program you might have heard of, our Work-Learn-Earn Program is designed to train students with no experience to become a dental assistant. During this program, we foster their learning, curiosity, and encouraging them to learn as they work as we provide them with resources and tools to succeed in their studies and career.

In a program like this, dental clinics offer more than just resources; they gain employees who are committed to their education and caring for patients. There won’t be any students coming in searching for hours to complete; they’ll be a member of your dental team who is serious about their work and your clinic. They will become a valued member of your team who will help you flourish and provide their service to providers and patients allowing you to save time in looking for a replacement and having to train them. Not only will you exchange learning opportunity and work with a student, but you will also gain a team member who will most likely be willing to return when looking for a part-time position or remain with your clinic.

Don’t miss out on the chance of becoming part of Work-Learn-Earn Program. You too can start your dental career now. Just check out Rafael as he goes through his 12-week training sessions. Follow us on Facebook @TheCoreFoundation for more Real Life with Rafael videos. Check out what he’s done so far, this past week.

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