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At The Core Foundation, our dental programs will provide you with the academic and hands-on clinical skills you need to succeed and keep you up to date with the most modern equipment and techniques used in the dental industry. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to be exceptional dental assistants in addition to preparing them for the interview process. Placing yourself in a learning environment where you are more likely to succeed will help motivate and encourage you to continue and finish your studies. You might already know where you want to head with your career and want to get the experience soon, trade school is a great asset to have. You’ll be able to finish sooner and enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.



Our on-site accelerated program will give you the confidence and skills needed to excel in your new career as a Dental Assistant or a Dental Administrator! The Core Foundation is committed to providing students with the academic and hands-on clinical/ business skills needed to be exceptional in their careers. Our cutting-edge training facility allows students to maximize their classroom knowledge and provides them with great hands-on experience, using only the most modern equipment and techniques. Whereas a Certificate of Completion in Dental Administration from The Core Foundation provides students with the skills necessary to secure entry-level employment positions in dental offices, clinics and other dental facilities, locally and nationally.

We are currently accepting applications for our on-site courses which will be re-instituted once we are allowed to reunite in social groups again.


We offer Dental Assisting and Dental Administration E-course programs online with hands on CPR/X- Ray certification. Our accelerated programs will give you the confidence and skills needed to excel in your new career as a Dental Assistant or a Dental Administrator! Our online courses are fully flexible –  You can enroll ANYTIME, and even stop for a week or two while you are on vacation, then just pick it up again when you get back.

We require the students to put in 120 hours of internship (while it is 80 hours for on-site class)  so that they get more hands on clinical time. With our Dental Assisting and Dental Administration Courses, you are awarded with a certificate of completion, your X-Ray Certification and your CPR Certification. Please note that you need to attend the CPR and the X-Ray courses in person to complete the respective certification. Please contact us to know the availability for CPR and X-Ray classes beforehand. We also offer externship to our online students!


What is Work-Learn-Earn? Well, It is our Employer Pay Program!

It means The Core Foundation has partnered with The Center of Dental Professionals: Dental Clinic to provide a free education for qualifying students! The Dental Clinic pays the $2999 tuition for the course and you contract to work for the Clinic for 1 year. We will provide you with excellent on the job training as well as the complete education you need to be a qualified dental  assistant. It is our hope that you will have a long and rewarding career with us, but should you need to move on after a year, you leave as a highly qualified Dental Assistant with our best wishes for a great future!





I chose The Core Foundation because it was a short course, and they provide you with a dental office to complete your internship hours at. I loved the training course here because it gave me a lot of hands-on experience and the opportunities to be exposed to various dental procedures.

– Sudipa Silwal

My overall goal is to become a dentist and working as a Dental Assistant puts me ahead of the competition! The Core Foundation was recommended to me by a friend who had taken the course. I loved the class here and I would definitely recommend this class to others!

– Hyunil Cho

I learned about The Core Foundation’s great program and after receiving a program tour, I knew this was the place to start my learning. Plus it was affordable!  The Core Foundation helped to develop my understanding in the field of Dentistry from scratch.

– Michelle Collins