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Have you decided you want a dental assistant career but don’t know what program or facility to choose? There are many options to choose from when it comes to dental assisting programs. It can be overwhelming yet important to your education and future success as a dental assistant.

When searching for a program, you want to ensure you’re not only looking at the general information but which program will better prepare you for your studies and on the job. Each program will bring something to the table and for you to find a program that matches your educational goals and needs is critical to your success during and after the program has been completed.

Our training facility, The Core Foundation, has specially designed dental assisting programs to educate, train, and better prepare our students for their career. We developed our facility to have our students achieve success quickly and with great integrity upon the completion of their program.    

Career, The Core Foundation

Career, The Core Foundation

At The Core Foundation, our dental programs will provide you with the academic and hands-on clinical skills you need to succeed and keep you up to date with the most modern equipment and techniques used in the dental industry. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to be exceptional dental assistants in addition to preparing them for the interview process.

If you’re interested in learning more about our training facility or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 801-747-8016. 

5 Things to Know Before Changing Careers

Have you been thinking of a new career? There is a lot to consider when making a big decision such as changing careers because more than one area of your life will be affected. Changing profession can be daunting and sometimes we don’t always get the support we need from those in our profession.  

A career change can be great move to take since it can lead to finding or working in the profession of your choice or in a business that aligns more with your core values and what you seek in a job. But what do you need to know before changing your careers?

Here are five things you should know before making a career change. We’ve come up with five things, or tips, you should know before making a move to a new profession. Research is critical in making this big step.

  1. Invest time. Investing time on yourself and research is crucial to the process of making the change. What do we mean? Take the time to know what you want professionally, what your core values are, what kind of environment you would like to work in, your strengths, and skills you have. This is the first initial step you want to take to in gathering as much information as you can on yourself and understanding the assets you can bring to your new career and industry.
  2. You don’t have to know so much yet. Going into a new profession means, you may not know everything right away, and that’s okay. However, you do have to have some knowledge of the industry such as the obstacles the industry faces and the company, how you can offer solutions from previous experience, skills, and knowledge you may have. There will be moments when you may not know something, however, having an eagerness to learn and having a humble attitude is important in transitioning careers.
  3. There will be disappointments. You’re everyday tasks, and responsibilities will change and with them, the application of skills and knowledge you have. There will be challenges and obstacles you’ll need to navigate and ask yourself how you will overcome them and be willing to learn. Keeping realistic expectations of the job is important to have when entering a new profession.
  4. Create an action plan. A plan that is detailed and clear for you to outline into achievable steps and what has to be done first. An action plan you will be able to execute and carry out over the time you are transitioning to a new career.
  5. Overhaul your resume. This is a given, but we don’t mean tweaking your resume just on a few sections. You’ll have to rebuild your resume to fit into the industry you want to work in, and that demonstrates your skills and knowledge are transferable. Take the time to know what the industry is looking for in a candidate and how you better display your skills and experience in that new industry.

Changing careers is a more common now than it was before years ago. There are more opportunities in the workforce that allows us to grow professionally and transition into a career we can see ourselves working in for years. Before making a change, we have to ensure it is the right move and what it is needed to make that move possible.

Research is a critical component of understanding and gaining more knowledge of what the new industry is about and what you as an individual need to make a career change. What steps are you taking to make the transition to a new career?


Why Dental Assisting is a Top Job!

Here’s a fun fact, did you know dental assisting ranked #25 in Best Health Care Support?

That’s right, according to the U.S. and World Report News, dental assisting ranks 25 for health care support and # 98 in the 100 Best Jobs. But why is dental assisting top job? There’s many factors which make this a top job and we’ve broken it down for you.


Yes, dental assisting offers more flexibility than you would think. How? You can be trained on the job! Most dental clinics will hire you as you train to become a dental assistant, but make sure you know your state’s requirements for training, certification and licensing before beginning. Or you can have the option of entering a program that merges the classroom and training together. Dental assisting allows you work within the profession to gain the skills and knowledge needed to become an assistant.

In addition to the flexibility given of becoming a dental assistant, you have flexibility with your work schedule. You can easily work as a full-time or part-time dental assistant, where you can set your schedule to where it will work for you. This will allow you to have the life and work balance you can enjoy.

Professional Growth & Development

Due to the ever-changing dental industry, the duties and responsibilities of a dental assisting will keep expanding. As an assistant you would be required to do more than care for patients as you take the roles of sterilizing equipment and some office work. There will always be room for growth as you develop more skills to keep up with the industry.

You can grow in a career where there is opportunities to become a leading dental assistant; not to mention, dental assisting is a stepping stone to becoming a dental hygienist or dentist. You’ll have the experience to make the transition to another dental career more smooth.

Average Stress Levels and Rewarding

If you are worried about stress; not to worry, stress levels for dental assisting are average. Meaning the stress levels aren’t too high where you are ripping your hair out or too low where there isn’t much to do. It’s a profession that gives you balance so you’re not leaving work overworked or frustrated. Who doesn’t want that?

Dental assisting is a very rewarding job. You’re in a healthcare profession specifically where you care for others. For those of you who enjoy working with others and help patients feel at ease, it can be very rewarding to be the person who brings that ease to patients. Essentially, you’re building long-lasting relationships with these patients every time they come. You get to know about their needs and meet new people which is not only rewarding for you but the patient as well.

If you’re interested in joining the dental industry as a dental assistant, you can begin by enrolling in our 12-week Dental Assisting Program.

What Does Our Dental Assisting Program Offer?

  • 12-week program
  • Both schooling and hands-on training
  • Intern in one of our two dental clinics in Salt Lake City
  • It’s fun, fast and affordable
  • AND it’s now offered online!

We offer students hands-on training within our dental clinics so they have a better understanding of what it is to be a dental assistant and to better prepare for the working environment they will be in.

If you’re interested in joining our program, feel free to contact Kathy Mitchell at [email protected].

We Are Now Offering An Orthodontics Assistant Training Course

Looking for a change of pace in your dental assisting career? Orthodontic assisting might be the next step to take. Consider the window of possibilities that will open up for you if you were to sign up for our Orthodontic 3-day course!

As an orthodontic assistant, you’ll no longer be dependent on a dental hygienist or dentist. Sitting next to your dentist passing instruments and assisting in the procedures they conduct will be a thing of the past.

Why? Becoming an orthodontic assistant grant you much more independence in your work and tasks you do even if you are assisting an orthodontist. The freedom of the job can be rewarding if you’re interested in working more independently and looking for more challenges requiring less supervision.  

Not only will you be gaining independence but you will be adding value to yourself. Enrolling in our orthodontic course, you’ll enhance your skills as a dental assistant making yourself viable and gain job qualifications to work in a multi-specialty office. Opening the possibilities of making more money, access to temp jobs, job security, and more knowledge of the dental industry. Adding value by investing in new skill sets will make you more hirable to an office and employer without the stress of intense training to learn the specialty.

So, what does an orthodontic assistant do?

All your work and tasks revolve around clinical practice and patient care. You’ll be responsible for communicating with patients on a daily basis, sterilize equipment and instruments for the patient safety, and prepare the patient in advance before the orthodontist sees them. You’ll learn and know how to set-up procedures to be done, take x-rays and photos for patient’s records along with documenting all processes for future reference, and lab work such as pouring or shaping molds for impressions taken earlier. In some cases, orthodontic assistants may help orthodontists apply braces, remove them, and change wires and place ligatures to promote the movement of teeth.

If you’re looking for a change of pace in your dental career, consider enrolling in our orthodontic course. In an orthodontic assistant working environment, you are looking at working fast-pace, seeing patients every 15 to 30 minutes around the ages of 8 to 19 with some adults. Your patients will be the same for the next 2 to 3 years and maintain contact with them every 6 to 8 weeks as they go through the process of completion.

Enroll in our 3-day Orthodontic Course today to get started in your new dental career! For more information on our course contact Kathy Mitchell at [email protected].  

New Career Possibilities Beyond Call Centers

Discover new career opportunities beyond being a call representative at a call center. We can offer you the chance to experience a new career in 12 short weeks through our Dental Administration course.

Worried about entering into a career of Dental Administration? Don’t be! You have the skill sets to be a successful dental administrator. As a call representative, you have a professional and friendly demeanor which is necessary when helping patients and working with others as a team. You’ll be able to do more than just answer calls from customers and research a solution to their concerns or complaints. You have the opportunity to do other tasks within an office environment and learn marketing and branding, the business aspect of a dental office.

You’ll still be in the business of catering to the needs and wants of people and the ability to interact with a variety of people. Entering into the career of a dental administration will open your career options to more than just one position. With our dental administration training, you’ll be able to apply to be a scheduling coordinator, dental office manager, account manager, financial treatment coordinator, human resource manager, and marketing specialist. Options to explore and to discover the career you want to be part of!

No more sitting at a desk long hours with a headset attached to your ears. Experience the freedom you have of taking on new tasks, sitting in your office or standing to alleviate your back or release some stress. If you’re looking to do more and get more from your career, consider the opportunities you can get from training in dental administration, in just short 12-weeks.

Just think in a couple of months you can start a new career in dental administration. A job that opens you to a new profession, flexible schedule, and will allow you to apply skills sets you already have to the field of dentistry. Get more from your career by training in dental administration. Apply the skills you already have while gaining new ones to expand your career horizons. Reduce the time you spend sitting, attached to a headset by becoming a dental administrator today.    

Contact Kathy at [email protected] today!

Massive Fire Nearly Destroys Dental Office

Massive Fire Nearly Destroys Dental Office

David L. Steed

One year ago, a massive 4-alarm fire erupted in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The fire was set by an electrician working on the construction site adjacent to The Center of Dental Professional’s downtown offices at around 6pm. Salt Lake City fire fighters responded to several calls from neighbors and set up a defensive perimeter around the burning building to keep other businesses and homes safe from harm.

The fire continued to burn for several hours as emergency crews battled the blaze. Temperatures became so intense that a construction crane overlooking the inferno collapsed into the building remains. With several onlookers taking pictures and video, the fire was safely contained with very little damage done to surrounding structures.

One year later The Center of Dental Professionals is still doing business. Thanks to the heroic efforts of the Salt Lake City Fire Department, the dental offices suffered very little damage and caused our staff to only miss a single day of office appointments.




To see additional images of the fire visit Fox 13 News.

Please visit The Center of Dental Professionals in Salt Lake City, Utah.