The Core Foundation Mission

As a company, we aim to help interested students find access to the information and data they need to become dental field professionals. By assisting students in securing those high paying jobs they’ve always wanted, we’re striving to impact student lives every day.

The Vision

We envision a world where The Core Foundation has become the go-to location for e-course learning for a variety of in-demand career fields. Through a solid combination of community & high-quality facilities, students recognize us as the best.

Our Story

Ever since we opened our doors, The Core Foundation has delivered an atmosphere of learning and helped cultivate new and informed leaders in the dental field. We know that changing your career can be a difficult thing to do. However, with so much support from us, your private community of colleagues, and a clear path to the finish line, you’ll feel comfortable that this is the right path for you. That’s how our story has helped motivate countless students, and we hope it will prompt you to follow your passion in the dental realm.