At The Core Foundation we are committed to the training and development of our staff, the students and clientele, both in the business and in life. With our no “”Cookie Cutter”” approach we will align your business to fit the needs of your business as well as your goals and your mission statement. It is our goal to empower people to work the business in making it a more successful and efficient company implementing strategies that work. Through Professional Staff Development we work to create an atmosphere in which the team can take ownership in the business. Often times there is a breakdown in the business, knowing what that is will assist you in progressing for a future of success.

Together we have accumulated over 50 years of knowledge and expertise to provide quality training that will increase revenue, efficiency and performance. We are committed to increased performance, work-ability and success for your business. We focus on Professional Staff Development where our objective is to create an atmosphere to empower individuals in your business to help create a successful, and thriving company.

We work to encourage your staff members to be involved with the success of the company. We work with you to pinpoint where the breakdown in your office is, how it is affecting your production, and how to guarantee future success. We offer real world, hands-on training for staff in all areas of your business.

The Core Foundation is licensed to instruct the Wealthy Mind program. Throughout this 2-day seminar program you will learn concepts that will change the way you look at, and create success. The most important asset for achieving wealth in any life area is the quality of your thinking. This incredible program shows you how to create the attitudes, behaviors and ways of thinking that can bring a happier, more prosperous life.

We want you to feel confident that the choice you are making to better your company should be put in our hands. Therefore, we offer a 30-minute complimentary practice analysis. During this practice analysis you can expect to gain more knowledge of how your business is running from the ground up.