Consulting FAQ

What is a Complimentary consultation? This is where we will analyze the practice needs for your business. Evaluating the internal process of the business and the external. Internal operational performance and external influences, competitors and economic factors.

What will it cost my business to bring on a consultant?
The Core Foundation does not use a cookie cutter approach. Each business is individualized. We will work with you in conjunction with your needs.

Will I have to hard sell my patients? No! We will give you the tools and language used to discuss treatment with your patients with the understanding of the “elected treatment, mandatory treatment and the cosmetic dental work”.

How can I be sure you will produce results?
We are seasoned professionals with whom have many years between us. We are a successful company. Here at The Core Foundation we are a company that encompasses providing all-inclusive service and uncompromising care which has led to a very successful business. We know what works!