Christie McCutchan

A Smart and Savvy Serial Entrepreneur who has become a Self Mastery Expert and Personal Performance Ass Kicker.

I am a savvy serial entrepreneur who started my first business, a dental clinic, at the age of 26 years old. My dental clinic has grown into 4 dynamic dental clinics spread across two locations, while creating and opening two other businesses; an educational center focused on training and development, as well as an ambulatory surgical center. I accomplished all of the aforementioned achievements with less than $2000 to start, zero capital, zero equipment, zero patients, and zero education, just a savvy attitude and a will to succeed.

I am only one of a few, if any, solely female-owned, non-dentist dental practices, as well as a non-doctor owned ambulatory surgical center. I hunger for challenge and live for creation. I believe in living life audaciously and seizing the opportunities as they arise, and when they do not, going and creating my own.

One of my favorite aspects of being a business owner and CEO is being a person of influence and inspiration to those around me. I am passionate about coaching, training and developing the talented human beings I work with daily. It has become my daily mission in life to inspire everyone one I come into contact with, to encourage them to rise above their circumstances, and to have them see the brilliance within themselves.