Optimizing Patient Care and Convenience: The Team Approach & TMJ

Utilizing a “team approach” when treating complex TMJ cases does more than just reduce patient stress and apprehension but, more importantly, facilitates a seamless transition from one treatment to another, creating the optimum scenario for satisfied patients and providers alike. Here at The Center of Dental Professionals, we have a Surgical Prosthodontist and two Oral Surgeons on staff to do just that. You may be asking yourself how this tandem approach to TMJ treatment differs from other treatment options; here’s how:
Pre-surgical TMJ options with Dr. Nicholas Egbert, Surgical Prosthodontist
• Reviews patient history for pertinent trauma related to TMJ, medical and dental;

• Provides comprehensive head and neck exam;

• Diagnosis of the joint problem via loading of the joint;

• Mounts casts for fabrication of proper TMJ splint and records pretreatment occlusion;

• Provides splint therapy in conjunction with physical therapy for 6-8 weeks;

• Prescribes appropriate medication/prescription(s);

• Re-evaluates patient progress;

• Refers to surgery if needed.

Surgical TMJ options with Dr. Cameron Egbert and Dr. Niven Tien, Oral Surgeons
As the TMJ treatments above suggest, patients have a variety of options to explore before surgery becomes their only option. However, if surgical management of the temporomandibular joint is the only option, a qualified Oral Surgeon, working with a patient’s Prosthodontist, is critical to a patient’s treatment success. Here are some of the benefits an Oral Surgeon can offer:

• Provides medical management;

• Exams are administered under anesthesia;

• Performs arthocentesis / jaw joint washout

• Performs arthoplasty

• Performs discectomy

• Provides total joint replacement options;

• Returns patient to general dentist for follow up care.

Suffering with TMJ disorders is painful and oftentimes even debilitating for patients but working with a qualified team of specialists will best provide your patients with the relief they need to live pain-free and productive lives. To learn more about our “team approach” to TMJ treatment, please call our office to speak with one of our specialists directly. We look forward to working with you and increasing your patients’ satisfaction!

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