Are you in need of a root canal?

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Is your tooth causing you pain?
Millions of teeth each year are saved with a simple root canal. A root canal is a dental treatment done to the inside of a tooth that is decayed or infected.
A root canal is necessary when an injury or large cavity damages the tooth’s root which then becomes inflamed or infected and causes pain to the patient. If gone untreated, this can cause serious deep tooth decay.
During the root canal the dentist drills through the middle of a numbed tooth and the infected pulp is removed and a rubber-like material is filled in the space. After the tooth is cleaned it is restored with either a filling or a crown for protection.
If you already have a problem eating and chewing, a root canal is the best possible option for you. Extracting the tooth will only lead to more problems in the future. It is best to keep the tooth intact with a root canal. Keeping your natural teeth intact with a root canal will provide a secure attachment point for a bridge or partial dentures. A root canal is a cost-effective way to treat your damaged teeth, and is far less expensive than an extraction and placing a bridge or partial implant.
Root canals work to help preserve your jaw and jaw bone. If a tooth is extracted the jawbone that used to hold the tooth in place starts to shrink, and pulls in other surrounding teeth. By receiving a root canal instead of extraction, your tooth and roots stay in place which preserves your jaw.
Most root canals require numbing of the tooth and partial anesthesia. If you are nervous about being partially “put-to-sleep” don’t be! Our doctors are trained professionals here to help you receive the best treatment and the best smile possible.
Root canals don’t cause pain, they relieve it! Most people report that the root canal procedure is not painful, and feels like a new filling being placed. You will experience more pain from your inflamed tooth before the procedure, than you will during and after it.
Could you be in need of a root canal? If you have a severe toothache when chewing, sensitivity of hot or cold temperatures for a prolonged period of time, discoloration of a tooth, or swelling and tenderness in your gums, a root canal may be the treatment for you! Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation today 801-747-8016!

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