Why choose The Core Foundation?

Have you decided that Dental Assisting is the career for you, but have no idea which program or facility is the best fit? There are quite a few options when it comes to dental assisting education programs. Therefore the selection process is imperative to your future success. When looking into programs with a critical eye, you should bear in mind which program best prepares you during your education as well as provides you with career opportunities post education.

The Core Foundation Dental Assisting training and development program will give you the confidence and skills needed to excel in your new career as a Dental Assistant and here’s how:

 We provide our students with the academic and hands-on clinical skills needed to be exceptional dental assistants.

  Our cutting-edge dental facility which allows our students to maximize their classroom knowledge and provides them with great hands-on experience, using only the most modern equipment and techniques.

 Our well-rounded curriculum better prepares our students for the interview process and their new future career as a dental assistant

 We provide our students with professional references as well as post education career opportunities in both our Downtown and South Salt Lake locations.

 Class hours are scheduled conveniently in an effort to work well with our student’s busy schedules. Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our current and past students are saying about The Core Foundation!


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