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Brief Inside Look: What to Expect as an Account Manager

Are you interested in the administration side of a dental field? Being part of the administration team, you can broaden your job prospects of what you can do in the dental field. Whether you are interested in working in marketing, coordinating, managing, or working in customer services, you can find a position where you can learn and grow in. Get an inside look at what is an account manager.

Account Manager

As an overview, account managers manage the relationships with patients and their accounts. You will be expected to have

  • Thorough knowledge of any services, promotions, or products your practice has to offer.
  • Knowledge of dental terminology and insurance policies.
  • Coordinates and manages activities related to implementation and goals are met.
  • Collects data on patient accounts.
  • Ongoing training with current junior employees or new hires.
  • Build and maintain internal and external relationships.

When managing a patient’s account, ensuring you are receiving and collecting patient’s data and payment from dental treatment is critical to maintaining a patient relationship. Account managers must have excellent communication skills to succeed since they will be dealing with patients and insurances. Effective communication is a must as well as being able to handle computer software where most patient dental documents are held.

Certification of Dental Administration

An account manager is one of the many positions you can train for when you enroll in our Dental Administration program. Under our Dental Administration Core program, we offer our students the knowledge and skills they need through hands-on-training to better prepare them for work in a dental practice. Our program is offered online so you can enroll at any time and take your education anywhere. To learn more about our Dental Administration program, you can visit our program page or contact Natalie Kerr at [email protected] for more information.  


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