The Perks of Becoming a Dental Hygienist

becoming dental hygienist

When you start your dental career as a dental assistant, you have various paths you can take to move your dental career forward. Whether you decide to move towards the business side of the dental industry or to advance your career on the clinical side, as a dental assistant, you have the room to choose where you can go.

If you are interested in advancing your dental career from the clinical prospect, then you might want to consider becoming a dental hygienist. Even though you will not be a dentist or dental specialist, you will gain more responsibility as a hygienist and allows you to pace yourself to become a dentist, if you choose. So, what can you expect?

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Become a Dental Professional in 6 Months With Our Online Programs

online core programs

If you are waiting for our next Dental Assisting class session to start, you don’t have to wait until August. You can go online! That’s right; our Core Programs are now online. Make your learning experience accessible from anywhere at any time. We know life can get busy, that is why we want you to have control of your education, when you learn and how you learn the material you need to succeed as a dental professional.

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Brief Inside Look: What to Expect as an Account Manager

dental account manager

Are you interested in the administration side of a dental field? Being part of the administration team, you can broaden your job prospects of what you can do in the dental field. Whether you are interested in working in marketing, coordinating, managing, or working in customer services, you can find a position where you can learn and grow in. Get an inside look at what is an account manager.

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What Is Endodontics?


Within the dental field, there are specialized branches focused on specific areas of the tooth or oral and maxillofacial. Depending on where your area of interest lies, to become a skilled dentist, it can require a couple more years of training and studying.

If you are interested in working directly with the pulp of the tooth, endodontics is the branch for you. Endodontics is a branch in dentistry focused on the pulp and surrounding tissue (roots) of the tooth. So, how can you become an endodontist?

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Closed for Memorial Day

memorial day dental hours

Memorial Day is coming this Monday. Please be advised that our dental office will be CLOSED for the day. We will not be in the office until Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

If you are interested in more information about our Core Programs, you can find all the information on our program page, here. For online and onsite enrollment, please click on the program of your choice where you will find links to enroll.

If you prefer to talk with one of personnel, we will be open Tuesday, May 28, 2019 during regular business hours. 

Future Careers for Dental Assistants

dental assistants

Like most careers, a dental assisting career can broaden your horizon when you want to shift career paths. When you are working as a dental assisting, you have different sectors you can work in from that isn’t exclusive to dental office and different pathways you can choose to advance as a professional.

First, we want to go over the different branches you can work in as a dental assisting before we discuss possible career pathways. As a dental assisting, you can enter into various departments where you can help dentist that is not in a dental office. You can work in

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Brief Overview of Scheduling Coordinator

overview scheduling coordinator

Get to know another position of dental administration. If you’re interested in a dental career but want to go to school for a shorter time and learn less about the clinical side, then dental administration is for you where you can learn more about the business of the dental industry.

In a dental clinic, administration staff is as essential to the function of dental practice as is the clinical team. This week we will be giving you a brief outlook on what a dental schedule coordinator does. You’ve probably heard of this position before, however, did you know it can entail something different for each industry? There can be a few changes, but we will be focusing on schedule coordinators in the dental field.

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How Dental Administration Can Benefit From Being Certified In Dental X-Rays

dental x-ray certification

If you work within the dental industry, becoming certified in dental x-rays is required for clinical staff; however, it can be beneficial to the dental administration staff. Even if you are working behind the scenes of a dental office, you are still part of the dental industry and knowing dental terminology, procedures, and treatment can help you with understanding your daily duties and explaining to patients.

Working in the administration side of a dental clinic there are a variety of positions such as dental office receptionist, treatment coordinator, insurance biller to name a few. Each position has their own area of expertise which is tied to knowledge of the industry. Administration workers don’t work on treating patients’ dental problems, but they do handle their dental records and work with patients.

The dental administration team is the people who manage patients’ records as they handle the scheduling, treatment and financial plans, and billing. So how can you become certified in dental x-rays benefit someone who works in dental administration?

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Get To Know More About Dental Administration

dental administration program

Are you interested in a dental career but want to stay away from the clinical side of the profession? If that’s the case, you can start a career in the dental administration where you can expect to work in the front office. Dental administration is an umbrella term we use to encompass the various positions you can find while working in a dental clinic which contributes to their functionality.

Before we get into detail about various jobs found in dental administration, we want to give you an overview of this particular area within the dental field. We know it can be challenging to make a decision when you have little to no knowledge on the matter which is why we want to shine some light on dental administration and the type of positions you can apply to at a dental practice.  

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