Dental administration Positions

Careers Under Dental Administration

The dental field has many professions that span to technical, clinical and clerical work you can choose from. Clerical work commonly referred to as dental administration is a well-diversified position which combines both aspects of business and healthcare.  Dental administration positions are many of which help run a dental clinic smoothly and efficiently.

Dental administration work might be for you if you like to work behind the scenes of a dental practice. There are many parts of an administration team that makes a practice propel forward. Learn the business aspect of being in the dental healthcare and what profession can be right for you! Below we’ve listed a couple of dental administration positions you can have when you choose clerical work.

  • Financial Treatment Coordinator – as a financial coordinator, you’ll be responsible for explaining treatment options to patients, determining patient’s best option, and layout payment plans for patients.
  • Account Manager – build and maintain the relationship between patients and the clinic. You’ll be in charge of managing sales and fostering relationships with patients to determine their needs and handle all patient communication. You’ll be working closely with the marketing team to prepare presentations and develop marketing strategies.
  • Human Resource Manager – you play a critical role in the function of a company, big or small. You’re responsible for being the liaison between employees and upper management and act in the stability and interest of the company, handle recruiting and hiring process, training, policy recommendation, coaching, team building, and employee relations to name a few. You’ll be tasked with a broad range of methods and systems related to the employees in the company.
  • Dental Office Manager – as a manager of a dental clinic, you’re to coordinate the staff meetings, budget office expenses, and handle the administrative duties of a dental office. You’re responsibilities lie in ensuring there is direct communication between all dental and clerical staff to have all tasks performed effectively and efficiently.
  • Marketing Specialist – design, create, and execute marketing campaigns or projects to support the growth and expansion of a company’s services, products, and name. You’ll be responsible for developing brand awareness through various communication methods, collect and present research and marketing resources, and work closely with management to further develop marketing campaigns.

These are just a few of the positions you can have when you work behind the scenes of a dental clinic. So how do you get a dental administration position? Well, some of these positions might require a higher education level such as a B.A. in marketing, but it is dependent on the position and job requirements.

However, you can enroll in a training program that’ll educate you in both the business and dental healthcare and prepare you for the dental administration positions. At The Core Foundation, we’re offering an online Dental Administration Training and Development Program. Find your small, growing niche with a professional health team! It’s an educational program consisting of lecture, hands-on training, and home-study. You’re in control of how fast and where you study dental administration. Enroll now to start your dental career now.     

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