How to Know Which Career is Right for You?

Have you found yourself questioning yourself which career is for you? It’s normal if you’ve pondered it. After all, if you’re choosing a career, you want to assure yourself that you’re choosing what is right for you and one you will enjoy. So, how can you determine which job is right for you? Before deciding you are going to have to do some introspection to know more about yourself and what better way of understanding than by asking yourself some questions.


Ask yourself what you see yourself doing? What do you enjoy the most? Get to know yourself more to get the job you want but remember to set reasonable expectations. Once again, when setting expectations within reasonable measures, you need to ask yourself what matters. Is love for a job all that matters or feeling a steady calm for the next 5 to 7 years? Try aiming for loving your career about 90 percent of the time. Chances are you aren’t going to love your job the whole 100 percent; it’s unrealistic because you’ll probably have your ups and down with your job.


Determine what motivates you! It’s important you remain honest here especially when you’re figuring out what’s driving you to make your career decision. If your motivation is closer to your actual job, the more engaging it can be for you. Three motivators are at play:

  • The work is rewarding because we gain enjoyment from merely doing the work.
  • The purpose which is the outcome of the work we do. We usually feel purpose when our values align with our work.
  • Potential can lead to something important like a long-term career goal. We can find potential in the work we do.

These are three motivators which can lead us to choose a career, and it’s something to consider and take into account.

Revisit Topics, Subjects, Skillsets, and Experiences:

When searching for the right career, sometimes we have to revisit the things we love and bring interest to us. Coming back to individual subjects can help us figure out which career we would want to pursue and go into for a profession. The more experience we gain in an area, the better off we are in being able to make the switch to a career we enjoy being part of. At times it’s about reflecting on ourselves and seeing where we thrive more and where we feel the most enjoyment.

Build a Network:

Talking with others and getting a career mentor is a good idea to hear what others like about their career. A career mentor can even help you figure out what is right for you. Sometimes getting a third perspective can help us assess things more clearly. Not to mention a strong network is key to finding the right opportunity. Networking with others gives you an inside look into what are the job functions and learning more of about the industry. Dig in to discover more! Figuring out whose career you want to emulate is one way of understanding the process of what it took them to get where they are and how they got where they are now.


Know what you are willing to compromise and what you’re not. Don’t go for the first offer if it’s not what you’re interested in and what motivates you. Don’t compromise that if you’ve been working to get the career right for you.

Follow these tips to find the right career for you! Life is short, I know it’s clichè but life is short not to choose a job you right for and where you can start thriving in. Don’t compromise for a career you will later resent or regret. Get to know more about yourself and discover where you want to see yourself working in the next couple years. Find the career for you so you can start achieving and succeeding in what you want to do. We wish you the best of luck in your journey.     


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