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Inside Look: Dental Office Manager

Are you thinking about expanding your dental career beyond medical responsibilities? If you are, you can now start a career in dental administration. It is an education blend of dental health and business to prepare you for dental administration positions from a treatment coordinator to account manager to dental office manager. There are many positions you can choose from, but today we want to give you an inside look at what a dental office manager does and how you can become.

Dental Office Manager

Although dental management titles differ, dental managers are considered one of the leaders in the practice. They supervise staff and office needs and operations to have a practice run smoothly and efficiently. Managers are there to support and administer responsibilities in a dental office while still managing staff meetings, track and address financial needs, personnel, clinical needs, and ensure policies are being taken, so patients receive safe, comfortable care.

Even though managers can be seen administering and assisting staff throughout the office, they have key responsibilities they need to address such as

  • Monitoring the practice’s financial numbers to discuss issues and potential growth opportunities.  
  • Administer individually or as a team the functions needed to ensure an excellent patient experience and safe practices.
  • Ensure all internal office procedures and policies are followed for productivity, development, and accountability.
  • Respond to clinical and operational issues that arise promptly.

Office managers are helping hands to those on schedule and patients.

Educational Requirement

Although, educational requirements can vary from practice to practice. You are required to have a high school diploma or GED, in addition to, having a certification, associates degree, or bachelor degree. Again, each practice may have different requirements, but for the most part, practices look for applicants who have at least some experience (2 years), certification, and knowledge of dental business and dental operations/procedures.   

For many who already work in the dental industry as a dental assistant, the transition to dental administration is quick since you already have an insight of how a dental office works and how dental staff operates, not to mention having dental experience under your belt is beneficial as a dental office manager.

Getting A New Career Started

Getting started in a new dental administration career is quick. At The Core Foundation, we offer an online dental administration course you can take in 6 months at your own pace. In our online course, you will gain the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to help run a practice efficiently, and that complies to company policies and the safety of the patients. For more information on our dental administration course, you can check out our page or email [email protected].

To enroll in our dental administration course to become a dental office manager, you can sign up in our course enrollment page.


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