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What To Know About Being A Dental Assistant

Are you looking to become a dental assistant but not sure? We understand the hesitation that comes from choosing or transitioning from one career to another. You want to get as much information as possible to understand the possible outcomes and risks of getting into the career you want. Within the dental industry, you have a variety of options to choose from of the kind of profession you want whether it’s assisting or becoming a dentist.

We’re going to be discussing the possibilities of becoming a dental assistant and fun facts you should know about a dental assistant. The more we know about a profession, the more likely we are to come to a decision.

So, what should we know about dental assisting? If you’re looking to enter into the dental industry without being in school for more than one to two years, consider becoming a dental assistant. As a dental assistant not only will you be in school for a shorter time, you will be able to get the training and education you need to begin your career once you graduate.

Did you know….

  • Dental assistants perform a variety of tasks from assisting the patient and dentist to educating patients on their oral health to handling patient’s dental records. They do a bit of everything within the office.  
  • Dental assistants are more likely to move forward into another dental profession by going back to school to become a dental hygienist, dental administrator, or back office administration position.
  • Dental assistants can take a few more courses and training to become a specialized assistant such as an orthodontic dental assistant or expanded dental assistant.
  • All states have their regulations for dental assistants where some are required to have a license. (You want to check your state’s requirements before applying to a program).
  • Some dental assistants can work for more than one dental office.
  • Dental assisting jobs are “projected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026” and is “ranked #21 in the Best Health Care Support Jobs” (US News).

Dental assisting jobs are beginning to grow as the demand for dental preventative care rises as part of our overall health. As a dental assistant, you are looking at helping dentist with dental procedures but also at educating patients on how to better care for their teeth and why it’s important to be an active role in our oral health. If you are looking for a profession where you have flexibility, room for professional growth and development, and want average stress levels, then dental assisting might be the career for you.

Since you will be working with others, it’s critical you have excellent communication skills and organizational skills. Written and verbal communication is vital when it comes to writing notes on the patient’s dental records as well as explaining to the patient what is happening. Interpersonal communication is critical when working with patients and creating the patient experience they expect and want.

Becoming a Dental Assisting

You can become a dental assistant in 12 weeks or less than six months. How? At The Core Foundation, we offer a Dental Assisting program both onsite and online, a learning experience for everyone.

For our onsite program, we have designated sessions throughout the year you can enroll in to get the learning experience of classroom setting while getting the training. With our onsite course, you can expect

  • Evening classes Monday and Wednesday
  • Hands-on-training
  • Internship opportunities within our dental clinics at The Center of Dental Professionals
  • Learning Tools/Resources ( laptop (Chromebook), scrubs, safety glasses, Cengage Learning Digital Textbook, X-Ray and CPR certification, and expanded functions.)

Next class session begins this APRIL 8, 2019. To enroll for this coming session, contact Natalie Kerr at [email protected].

If you prefer an online learning environment, we offer our Dental Assisting Program online! You can begin at any time, and in the learning space, you prefer whether it’s in the bustle of Starbucks or the quietness of a library. With our online program, you can expect to

  • Enroll any time
  • 6 months to complete program
  • Externship opportunities
  • Learning Tools/Resources (scrubs, Cengage Learning Digital Textbook, X-Ray and CPR certification, and expanded functions.)

Every program has something for every learner. We are dedicated to helping our students become the best dental professionals they can be to succeed. We offer more than just knowledge but the work experience you need when working in a dental practice.

You can get started in a new career today, enroll now to get started.

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