Positive Words to Use in Your Dental Resume

Writing resumes can be daunting when you’re competing with a pool full of job applicants. We’re left thinking about what to write on on our resume. What will make us stand out from the rest besides work experience and skill set? These are questions that run through our heads as we prepare or refresh our resumes for job searches.

We get it; we’ve been there before and now, we want to offer you tips on how to better distinguish yourself from the rest of the applicants. Words are your best key to help differentiate who you are, what you know, and what you are skilled at.

The words we pick to describe ourselves and to express what we know makes all the difference. The way we word sentences, phrases and the words we choose are some of the ways you can better highlight yourself and skills you have that can add value and contribution to the company and your employer you want to work for.

So, what words do dental offices look for in the resumes of dental hygienist, assistant, or dentist? Words that demonstrate your soft skills letting dental offices know you’re capable of providing patients with understanding, comfort and most all safety. These could be words such as being compassionate, sympathetic, empathetic, or solicitous. Soft skills that are simple but direct demonstrate how you work with patients and the values you have within your profession, but gives a glimpse at who you are.  

When it comes to the hard skills, employers look for keywords that display the specific knowledge and abilities that are required to succeed on the job. Keywords describing skill sets you need to for the job occupation such as relevant credentials, software, or quantifiable skills. These are the skills which are learned, redefined, evaluated and measured. In the dental field these skills include, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Dental Radiographs, or Operatory Preparation, just to name a few. These keywords or phrases display the knowledge you acquired and know which adds value and contribution to a dental company or clinic.

Highlighting your abilities and knowledge of your profession while giving a glimpse of who you are, as a person and co-worker, can make the difference in distinguishing you from the rest of the applicants. Word choice can either help bring the message directly and with value for a dental company or clinic.  

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