Is Dental Administration a Popular Career or a Unique Niche?

If you’ve considered taking up dental administration as your next career change but aren’t sure about it, then consider the aspects of what it could offer. Dental administration is a niche career providing a mixture of business and healthcare into one. Entering the administration field of a dental healthcare opens many opportunities that can be challenging, prospective, and rewarding. But is it still a niche or is it a popular career?

It can be said that what is now a niche is becoming a popular career, although, the niche of the career can lie in the specialization of the dental field. The field of dentistry is one that is always changing and innovating itself to account for patients. A profession in dental administration indicates there is business aspect added to the customer care of patients that can be transferred into other career pathways. Being an administrator broadens your job perspectives in the positions of dental receptionists, office manager, treatment coordinator, human resources, marketing and account management. All these positions aim towards incorporating and enhancing the business and healthcare aspects to keep up with the ways the field of dentistry is changing. This makes for plenty of room to learn, train, and grow in the career of dental administration for those already in the profession and those wanting to enter it.  

According to the U.S Bureau Labor of Statistics, there is a growing percentage in administration careers for dentistry. Dental office receptionists who work with dentists and other office personnel are looking at a 10% growth from 2014-2024 in job opportunities. There is an even bigger increase of job opportunities as an office administrative assistant with a growth of 21% from 2014-2024. Employment in dental administration is projecting to grow (18%) with a with the continuation of oral and general health care.

So if you’re interested in being part of a growing career then consider enrolling into our dental administration program where you’ll train and develop in both business and healthcare education to prepare you for success.  


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