Health Tip’s For School

The school year has already started, and even though we are hitting the ground running with energy and staying on top of our school, work and home responsibilities, it gets difficult to stay afloat over the year. We know the all too familiar feeling that comes from keeping ourselves on the go nonstop.

In addition to the responsibilities we have, our health is and should be our top priority! If time is what you lack to care for yourself, then make the time. Not taking the time to care for our health and wellness can stop us from feeling the strive and wearing down. A healthy body and mind keeps us happy and moving forward. Being healthy doesn’t just constitute of what we eat but our actions as well, remember for overall health we need to take care of it from the inside-out.

Let’s strive for a great year by supporting our body through our diet, exercise, sleep, mental health and through our illness, if we become sick. Here are some great tips to keep in mind and use while you’re in school to keep yourself healthy!


Our diet is an important part of getting the nutrients we need to keep our body running. Be mindful of your food choices since they have an impact on how we feel and how our body reacts to it.  

  • Vary your meals- changing your diet is important part of good nutrient to take advantage of the selections
  • Eat breakfast- helps your metabolism start and concentrate.  
  • Eat healthy snacks- keeps you energized and less likely to eat junk food
  • Drink water- it’s crucial to stay hydrated every day since most of our body mass is made of water and is continually releasing water.
  • Limit the sugar and caffeinated drinks- while they are great for the time being they drain you of energy.
  • Don’t skip meals- it’s easy to skip a meal but doesn’t mean you should since it can cause fatigue, low blood sugar, and make us overeat.   


Exercise eases the tensions we create from sitting or from the stress we have. Try exercising for 30 minutes to an hour. There are many ways to incorporate exercise into your daily activities that can keep you moving and be less stress. Here are a couple of ways to add exercise.

  • Go to the Gym- some school provide gym facilities that are part of tuition fees so take advantage of the sources you pay.
  • Play a Sport- playing a sport for fun creates the fun in the exercise and creates friendly competition.
  • Take a walk or bike- walk to class or bike to school if they are within a reasonable range.


We all need sleep including you! Sleep can do many wonders for our health and our eyes! Our eyes need to be healthy to function at their best and to keep our vision. Sleep requires us to be consistent and a full 7 to 8 hours to help us feel energized. Naps are great for energy boosters but make sure they are no longer than an hour, keep them short.  Try sleeping at the same time each night to set your biological clock and avoid all-nighters! You can not catch up on sleep that is a common misconception! Not to mention is impairs your abilities to function at optimal level. Sleep is the time to disconnect from electronics and others; it is your time to relax and support the functions of your body and brain.

Mental Health:

Our mind is an integral part of how we perceive, process, and function. We need to have a healthy mind to lighten the stress of our everyday responsibilities but also to tackle them with grace and efficiency. Here are some helpful tips to support a healthy mind:

  • Set limits/boundaries- this could be time limits which help compartmentalize and feel less stress.
  • Taking breaks- we need breaks to let your body rest.
  • Relax with hobbies- keeps us calm while destressing
  • Find support in family and friends- a good support system makes it easier to cope and understand situations we might find ourselves in.
  • Setting goals- keeps us grounded in reality and helps us know our limits.


Being in school makes us vulnerable to common colds, flu, and viruses if we aren’t careful. There are many ways to keep us from getting sick such as:

  • Washing your hands- we use them for everything and are constantly filled with germs.
  • Drink fluids- plenty of fluids to replenish the body
  • Avoid sick people- try limiting the amount of time you spend with people who are sick   
  • Vaccination- they help prevent catching a serious illness.

   Our health is essential to everything we do and what keeps us moving forward. Taking care ourselves requires us to make the time even if there is no time. The more effort we put into our health as the rest of responsibilities in school the more likely we are to achieving a great year. Take some of our tips and apply it to your routine to maintain your health!   


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