Tired of Being a CNA, We Have a Job for You!

Are you a CNA looking to transition into a new career? What if we could tell you, you can change your career and life in just 12 short weeks?

It’s similar training you took to be a CNA except you get to work as a Dental Assistant. Getting more from your study than you ever did before by entering into the dental field. There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to being a Dental Assistant since as a CNA you already possess some of the skills you need to be successful.

You’ll still be in the business of caring for others. We know the physical and emotional demand of a CNA is high and can be draining. Not to mention you run the risks of physically injuring yourself when you’re caring for a patient or lifting heavy equipment. As a CNA, physical stamina is required to be able to endure heavy lifting and being on your feet always. But with age, your physical endurance wears off, and with constant demands of the body, you start wearing it off sooner.

Your workload isn’t any easier and requires more from you. The pay for a CNA is one of the lowest paying jobs in a medical field yet one of the most demanding. Salary isn’t everything but earning a low annual wage when you have a family to care for can be worrisome. As a Dental Assistant, you would be making more than a CNA and be able to enjoy a life where you get more time flexibility. Just think more time for you and your family to spend.  

With this fun, affordable 12 weeks of school and training, you can start a new career in the dental field. A new job that’ll alleviate some of the financial stress and give you room to grow without having to wear you down physically and emotionally.

Get more from your education when you become a Dental Assistant. Your job responsibilities and tasks are similar to being a CNA with more variety in your daily duties and patients. Reduce the physical and emotional demands of a CNA by transitioning into a Dental Assisting career.

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