Which Social Media Apps Work for Your Business?

Social media apps are becoming an integral part of what builds a business, but not all social networks apply to all businesses. It isn’t a matter of what is in or out but what best suits the needs of your business. Knowing how social media apps can work for you will help you understand which apps are still great for business and specific to your professional needs. With so many social media networks coming out and million of users signing in, we have to be able to stay updated with social networks and how they can work for us.

Benefits of Social Media:

The accessibility to communicate with others and share information is far quicker than before. We‘re in a growing age where information and others’ feeds are open to the public to read and re-share which makes social media important to the success of businesses, especially if there’s a B2C relationship. Social media networks allow businesses to connect with existing customers while introducing new customers to their services and products. It broadens the opportunity to improve communication with current customers and potential customers since you gain insights into what they like, who they are, and how they feel about your brand and business. Through social media, you can gather customer data to make smarter business decisions by engaging in the conversation that is happening around your business, which in turn can improve your brand awareness.

Increasing your brand awareness is essential to you, and your customer and social media can help support you. By being actively involved in social media, customers can connect with you and find your business meaning you’re likely to increase your customer retention and loyalty. Remember we need customers for our business to succeed and flourish. Besides keeping customers loyalty, social media can provide an enriching experience, a valuable experience that now measures if others will be likely to choose your business.

In addition to the customer aspect of your business and social media, it provides you with the marketing platform to target specific demographics, increase website traffic, and share content faster and easier. The material we share can be about anything from the products we have to our services to promotions we might have going on to increase a buzz around our business.

Which Social Media Apps:

There are plenty more uses to what social media platforms can do for you as business owners. So, how can you know what social media app is great for business and is suited especially for your business? Ask yourself who you are trying to reach and why you want a social media presence? To generate sales, build brand awareness, or to be a socially active? Answering specifics provides you with a better understanding of what you should select for your business. But for the most part, the highly used social media apps business have are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook is excellent for business and the most commonly used social media network since it connects people, companies, and brands all in one plus, it’s highly targeted for digital advertising. It’s used as the home base of social media as your website is. Not to mention Facebook allows you to boost not only on Facebook but on Instagram which helps reach a broader audience on both social platforms. It’s a platform permitting us to try new features where we can interact and improve our approaches to others.

Instagram is more visual and owned by Facebook, and it’s a perfect fit for those businesses with visual or physical products. Let’s face it with little attention span from internet audiences visual content is becoming as important as the content we write. Telling a story through images engages the audience while showcasing our products and services. It allows businesses to create high levels of engagement through images, the live story feature and use of hashtags.

Twitter is an excellent place to find trending topics and news, to give short updates and communicate people. A great tool to see people who are having problem with your business and addressing it. It’s becoming a social media app where the value is climbing in the ability to communicate with one another in real-time which is perfect for real-time customer service.

Youtube is another social app you might want to consider using. It can sound strange, but youtube is a popular video platform where the quality and value of the content matters. This is another platform to engage with, if you have video content to share plus, it becomes accessible and searchable on Youtube and Google.

Yelp is one of the social networks you should have an eye on and be on. Why? Well, Yelp is a major reviewing site where existing customers share their experience and review with others. It has over a million active users and is one of the social apps that’s trusted. This is a great platform to gain insight into your business and how people feel about it, it can even be a way of acquiring business if reviews are positive and ways to improve. Again, the platform is used and steered towards the customer service and experience customers have at your company.

Asking what apps are great for business depends on what your business is more geared towards, but Facebook is a social app that should be on your list of must-haves. Social media apps help us create and enrich experiences and services including the ability to digitally advertise and promote our business. Staying up with business innovations means we have to appeal to audiences who spend time on the internet and social networks. We know other social apps are extending beyond the ones we’ve mentioned and talked about and if there’s a social app that you use and has proven to be valuable to your business tell us all about it in the comments below! We would love to hear how social media apps work for you!