Why You Should Consider Trade School Over College

Are you trying to figure out what you want to do after high school? Or how to get your career started? Have you ever considered trade school? If you haven’t, you should! I know traditional four year college is the route we get told to go and pushed towards, but it isn’t for everyone.

So what can a trade school offer? Before I can answer, we need to know what a trade school is. Trade school, also known as technical or vocational school, focuses on developing a specific skill set and knowledge based on the career rather than a general education. These skills are developed through classroom instruction and hands-on training.  

Hands-on Training

This means a trade school offers you a less expensive alternative to education in less than four years. Trade programs usually run from 6 months to 2 years of completion which decreases your time in school and increases your time working in the field of your career. By having the opportunity to work in your career field, you’re able to network with people in the industry that can open possibilities of getting hired after graduation. Whereas in a four year college if you’re not actively participating in internships it becomes difficult to find a job because you haven’t acquired the real life work skills you need to succeed.      

Perks of Class Instruction

Trade programs offer courses in your chosen profession. There’s no need to pay for classes you don’t need or that dont apply to your career. You automatically start building your knowledge foundation from the first day rather than having to wait until the 2nd or 3rd year of your college career. Classes are smaller than an average college course which allows for more one-on-one instruction and time to engage and get questions answered. The most significant perk of trade courses are the experience and training you get that is needed to succeed in your career. This allows you to acquire the skills, knowledge and be placed in the working environment.

Less Expensive Alternative & Working in No Time

In a four year college, you’re likely to spend more money as tuition rises, college lifestyle increases (dorming, meal plans, laundry, etc), demand of books and material, and course fees and availability. Some courses have additional fees adding to the tuition and some courses are only offered every other semester or quarter which can set you back a year or two. Setbacks and additional expenses which aren’t planned for can increase your expenses and debt. Trade school offers a short completion at a cheaper cost and with less debt. Depending on the program you are in determines when you’ll complete the program and when you can start working. You’ll be learning high-precision skills where jobs can’t be exported to other countries for cheaper labor making the job search easier.  You’ll most likely be replacing workers who are retiring, making job security in that aspect.

Who’s Trade School For?

If you learn in an environment that incorporates hands on training and instruction, this might be for you. Placing yourself in a learning environment where you are more likely to succeed will help motivate and encourage you to continue and finish your studies. You might already know where you want to head with your career and want to get the experience soon, trade school is a great asset to have. You’ll be able to finish sooner and enter the workforce immediately upon graduation.

Traditional college may not be for everyone but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a higher level of education. Trade school is a great alternative for students who are recently graduating from high school or who want to enter the workforce running. Consider trade school as an option to traditional college and as a way of pursuing a career you can pay less for.