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5 Things To Expect From Our Core Programs

What do you look for in a study program? There are many factors to consider when choosing where to study and the type of program they offer. Maybe it’s the location, faculty, courses, or resources and opportunities they have available to their students that make our decision. Choosing a program which can offer more than the knowledge is usually the preference we prefer.

Like any other experience, we want to have a valuable learning experience which can alter the way we learn and obtain information. We all have different learning styles, and even though study programs can’t incorporate all of them, there are some which offer a learning experience which provides us with the opportunities others may not.

At The Core Foundation, we believe and are dedicated to preparing our students to become the best dental professionals they can. By providing our students with the tools and resources they need, they can take their first steps towards succeeding in a profession within the dental industry. What can you expect when you enroll in our dental programs?

1. Your Choice of Learning Environment

We all have a preferred way of learning whether it’s a traditional classroom setting or online learning from anywhere we choose. We each learn better in a specific environment that stimulates our mind to learn and retain information.

At The Core Foundation, we offer online and in-class courses. With our online courses, you can choose where and when you learn the material. There’s no need to rush to class or worry about the time. You can take us anywhere and pace yourself within six months to complete the course.

Or if you are more about the traditional classroom setting, we have onsite courses during the late evening. Our onsite courses allow our working students the flexibility they need to work and study but also introduce them to the dental environment they will soon be working in as professionals. If you choose to opt with our onsite course, it is a 12-week program.

2. Daily Practice

Our classes are built to prepare our Core students to work as dental professionals through hands-on training. Daily practice is a vital part of understanding and applying definitions and concepts to gain experience and capability of caring and treating patients.

Our courses are designed to incorporate hands-on training to gain the learning experience students need on a basis to build their skills and capabilities as a dental professional. In addition to providing training, we ask for and offer internship opportunities in our dental clinics to expand student’s learning and for them to get real dental experience working in a practice which will allow them to assess their training and skills but introduce them to an experience most practices look for when hiring.

3. Social Learning

As a dental professional, you will be continually working with dentists, hygienists, or clerical workers towards the dental care of your patient. Communication is a critical aspect in all work which is why at The Core Foundation, one of the ways we learn is through social learning.

Sharing knowledge allows you to retain information and create repetition through group exercises or on-the-job mentoring. You can expect to be put into groups with your peers to foster curiosity and learning experiences that translate to your skills, knowledge, and memorability.

Learning from one another will allow you to ask questions and take responsibility for your learning but, most importantly, to share space and practice using social skills. After all, as a dental professional you will be interacting with a variety of people so having the social skills will help you communicate, approach, and handle patients and co-workers.

4. Microlearning

Are you one of those students who learn better when given smaller pieces of information at a time? If you are, then get ready! Our dental instructor ensures our students understand the material before moving on. Our instructor is dedicated to our student’s learning and success that she makes sure she can answer and break down the information for you to understand thoroughly.

5. Context Learning

Learning the material while in the context of where you will be using your knowledge will allow you to retain the information and can easily apply your training and expertise. It goes along the lines of making learning a visual experience.

When you learn the material in a dental setting, you are given the opportunity to adapt to the pace of a dental practice and be in the understand the concepts and definitions more. It allows our students to be engaged in learning and gaining the skills needed to treat patients.

At The Core Foundation, we are dedicated to offering our students the best learning experience they need to prepare them for work in dental practice. Our programs are both offered online and onsite each which gives you the preferred learning experience you need to succeed.

Our dental instructor ensures concepts are learned and understood while assisting you in becoming the best dental professional you can be. For more information on our Core Programs, you can visit our sites Our Courses.


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