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Brief Overview of Scheduling Coordinator

Get to know another position of dental administration. If you’re interested in a dental career but want to go to school for a shorter time and learn less about the clinical side, then dental administration is for you where you can learn more about the business of the dental industry.

In a dental clinic, administration staff is as essential to the function of dental practice as is the clinical team. This week we will be giving you a brief outlook on what a dental schedule coordinator does. You’ve probably heard of this position before, however, did you know it can entail something different for each industry? There can be a few changes, but we will be focusing on schedule coordinators in the dental field.

Dental Schedule Coordinator

As a general rule, communication skills are essential for any job and can be heavily emphasized when working in the healthcare industry. Schedulers are primarily responsible for managing agendas and calendars. You will be expected to do the following responsibilities

  • Set and confirm appointments for patients
  • Schedule and organize providers agendas
  • Manage schedules
  • Verify insurance and payment information
  • Manage appointment patient files

Skills Needed

You will need to have strong organizational skills when entering this position since the majority of the time you will need to ensure there are no schedule conflicts in addition to having them appointments confirmed and updated. Communication skills are another critical skill set you want to have because you will be addressing patients and both admin and clinical staff. You want to be clear and communicate effectively when setting appointments to ensure there is no mistake in dates and times.

Being savvy on the computer is a plus since most appointment software is done through the computer, knowledge of computer use can help you learn quickly.


Every dental practice may have different requirements for their position, but for the most part, they look for employees with knowledge and some experience in scheduling, office setting, or knowledge of the dental industry.

The minimum education requirement is a high school diploma, but that is not to say it will be what they are asking for in their application. Some practices may ask for higher education level. A certificate in dental administration can give you the merit and qualifications you need over someone with just a high school diploma. The average pay for a scheduler coordinator is $16 per hour, but it can depend on the industry you enter and your location.

At The Core Foundation, we offer a Dental Administration certificate program where in 6 months or less you can become certified. Our course is online making it easier for you to learn at your own pace and workspace. Learn the necessary skills you need to succeed in a dental administration position along with getting the hands-on-training you need.

If you are interested in learning or enrolling in our dental administration course, you can email Natalie Kerr at [email protected]. Or you can visit our dental administration page.  


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