teacher appreciation week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!! Let Us Celebrate

Monday is the beginning of teacher appreciation week! Although teacher appreciation day is on May 7th, we want to celebrate the week as we welcome our new instructor to The Core Foundation. We can’t wait for you all to meet our new dental instructor who will be taking over our dental assisting program.

Over the years we’ve had some fantastic instructors who have parted their wisdom and taught many of our alumni what it is to become a dental assistant and the ropes of working within a dental practice. With a new instructor as head of our dental assisting program, we are excited about our coming students to get the best of their dental education to start their career in 12-weeks. We always look for an instructor who has dental assisting experience and enthusiasm for teaching others the profession.

We know the hard work it takes to inspire, encourage, and motivate students. We appreciate all our past instructors for their hard work and for supporting our past students to become the best dental professionals they can be for themselves and patients. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our students succeed in their profession.

As we move forward, we want to welcome our new instructor and wish her the best! We excited to see who she inspires and how she prepares the next generation of dental assistants to care for the patients who value patient care and experience more than ever. You’ll soon meet her so, keep an eye out for The Core Foundation Facebook notification.


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