Orthodontic Assisting Training Course

You Too Can Become An Orthodontic Assistant In 3 Days with Our Training Course

Upgrade your dental assisting by becoming a certified orthodontics dental assistant. If you’re looking for a new change of pace, independence in your work, or new challenges within your job, orthodontics assisting is for you!

Take the next step in your dental assisting career.

Orthodontic Assistant

As an orthodontic assistant, your responsibilities and tasks will extend beyond the chairside assisting. You’ll be given responsibilities with less supervision and more independence. You will be

  • preparing patients for orthodontic treatment by performing preliminary examinations, taking x-rays and impressions, and collecting data.
  • working in the lab to shape and mold impressions.
  • assisting orthodontists in applying braces.
  • maintain a timely flow of the orthodontist appointment schedule   
  • work closely with office management and staff (i.e., office work)

You will be given tasks and responsibilities that will support not only patients and orthodontics but office staff. It’ll give you the opportunity to be rounded in patient care and clerical work.

The Benefits

In addition to the independence you gain from your work, there are perks to training as an orthodontist assistant. So, what are the advantages?

  • acquire new skill sets and knowledge
  • add value to professional self
  • opportunities to work in a multi-specialty dental office
  • better job prospects
  • earn a higher wage (typically)
  • job security

If you’re wanting to grow in your dental assisting career and gain more knowledge about the dental industry, then consider taking a course in orthodontics assistant training. At The Core Foundation, we are offering a three-day training course on orthodontic assisting. Our class was designed to train and prepare you for your change in dental assisting. In a short period of 3-days, you will be able to open your job prospects to a multi-specialty office. To learn more about our orthodontics training course, fill this form here for inquiries or contact Kathy Mitchell at [email protected].

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  1. Certified in dental assisting & office administration a couple of years ago. Very recently hired as an ortho assistant (start tomorrow. ) wanted to speed up my training process to be more effective and efficient.

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