x-ray and cpr certifications

X-ray and CPR Certifications The Core Foundation Offers

As a dental assistant, you are required to be certified for CPR and X-Rays by the state and dental clinics. These certifications are vital to your training and education before working in a dental practice since the safety of the patient is part of the responsibility of a dental assistant. Why do you need you need to take these two courses?

x-ray and cpr certifications X-Rays

As a dental assistant, taking x-rays of a patient’s teeth is one of your duties. X-ray images allow us to see the teeth and their supporting bone structure and aid in diagnosing disease. Using x-ray equipment giving off radiation comes with risks; therefore, before you can operate this type of equipment safely, you need to be trained and certified.

Certification training provides you with a knowledge of radiation health and safety practices for both patients and staff. You are taught the proper angles and techniques needed to capture a clear image, allowing for an accurate diagnosis.

At The Core Foundation, we offer a  radiology course in a state-of-the-art x-ray room that’s equipped with the most current machines and technology used in the dental field. This is a one-day course certification and is taught at the cost of $69 per person. Our next course date is on Saturday, May 26.   

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Patient safety is always the number one priority of dental staff.  Providing any medical care comes with risks. Choking, allergic reactions, shock, even a stroke or heart attack can occur in a dental chair. A CPR course trains dental assistants in recognizing life-threatening emergencies and how to act accordingly. CPR certification and training is required for all healthcare workers.

The Core Foundation offers an American Red Cross certified CPR program that focuses on retention and skill-based training. It’s a CPR and First Aid course taught by experienced instructors who use hands-on training and visual aids to teach. This course is a one-day certification course, and our next class session is on Thursday, July 19.

Our training courses are offered to the public and businesses and even have group rates upon request. Get the certification you need to practice dental assisting or renew your certification after two years. If you want more information on our courses dates, you can contact Kathy Michelle at [email protected] or 801-747-8018.

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