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What Does Our Dental Assisting Program Have To Offer?

Selecting a dental assisting program is no picnic in the park, it’s a decision we can often ponder about and question whether it’s a fit for us. After all, we want to choose a program that will grant us with the education, knowledge, and experience we need to succeed as a dental assistant. In an age where experience is key to getting your foot in the door, we want to select a program with opportunities to apply hands-on training and experience to grow and develop into a dental assistant.

So, what makes The Core Foundation different from other programs? We are dedicated to training and developing our students to be the best dental assistant they can be. Working in a healthcare support position requires more than just knowing how to do the job, it’s about being able to go beyond the duties of your position by caring and understanding your patients to meet their dental needs and still giving them the excellent patient experience they expect and want. We’re focused on preparing our students to know their field, position, and the inner of workings of a dental office to help them succeed.  

What Does Our Dental Assisting Program Offer?

If you’re interested in knowing what our program can offer you, then let us begin by saying our program is designed to prepare, train, and develop you to be the best dental assistant while we commit to helping you receive extraordinary results from our program. Find out what we have to offer.

Onsite and Online

We’ve gone online! Our program is offered onsite and online where you have the option of choosing the best learning environment that suits your learning capacities. Not everyone learns in the same way, and we want to provide you with the best learning environment where you are likely to succeed.

Onsite: We have designated dates throughout the year for our onsite program you might want to check for enrollment. We’re currently enrolling for next year on Jan. 7, if you’re interested in applying, go to our courses. What do you need to know about our onsite program?

  • 12-week accelerated program
  • Evening classes Monday and Wednesday
  • Hands-on training
  • Internship opportunities/ resources  
  • Learning Tools/Resources:  laptop (Chromebook), scrubs, safety glasses, Cengage Learning Digital Textbook, X-Ray and CPR certification, and expanded functions.

Our goal is to have students ready to go on the first day to begin their education without delays as they get their supplies.  

Online: We’re online now! Take us anywhere from your living room to Starbucks to the library to collaboration hubs; you can now enroll online at any time!  With our online program, you have

  • 6 months to complete it (speed through or slow your pace, it’s up to you).
  • Externship Resources
  • Learning Tools/Resources: scrubs, Cengage Learning Digital Textbook, X-Ray and CPR certification, and expanded functions

   Our online program options are well suited for students who have a different learning pace than what we have going on in our onsite 12-week program and for those who excel in a learning environment where they are more independent in their studies and reaching for internship opportunities.

Our dental instructor, Emiley Baldwin, has 19 years of Expanded Function Dental Assisting experience, in addition to 3 years of teaching dental assisting. She understands the role a dental assistant plays for the patient, dentist, and overall practice. She has various experience working with dental specialties such as oral surgery, orthodontics, and pediatrics, to name a few. Emiley brings the fun in learning a new career while ensuring you understand concepts you’re learning in class. She is the best resource to have aside from the training you will receive from our in-house dental staff to better understand and acquire the knowledge and experience to succeed in our career.

Check out what students are saying about our program.

“I learned about The Core Foundation’s great program, and after receiving a program tour, I knew this was the place to start my learning. Plus it was affordable!  The Core Foundation helped to develop my understanding in the field of Dentistry from scratch.” – Michelle Collins

“I have had such a great experience at the core foundation. You can learn so much in just a short 12 weeks. I was hired as a full-time assistant before I even finished the assisting program and felt so comfortable starting in a dentist office. I’m so glad I attended the Core foundation!” – Lennox Foote

“The Core Foundation is an amazing school!! I really enjoyed learning everything I know!! The instructor Emiley is really good at teaching us what we need to know!! Aside from being such an amazing instructor, she has an amazing personality that helps you feel comfortable throughout the course!!” – Araceli Enriquez

If you want to find out more about the programs we offer at The Core Foundation, check out our programs page or feel free to send us a message via Facebook messenger.

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