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How Can You Finance Your Dental Education With Us?

Are you ready to start your dental career but are hesitant to enroll due to cost? We get it! We’ve all been there at some point. It’s a common dilemma for most students who are interested in pursuing their education. Financing your education can be tricky especially when you are not opening yourself to the various options of funding. We know the costs of educational programs are high, but if they grant you with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and opportunity to apply your skills in the work environment, then the investment can go beyond gaining the information and skills you need to start.

If you already know where you are headed with your career and need experience, a trade school might be a great consideration as opposed to college or university. Not only will you be gaining the knowledge you need, but you’ll finish sooner and have the experience you need to enter the workforce once you’ve graduated. Trade school may be less expensive, but it’s still an expense that can have us questioning whether we should or shouldn’t. When it comes to our two CORE programs, Dental Assisting and Dental Administration, we want to provide you with a mini guide on how you can finance your education with us.

Financing Options

Before we start, we want to remind you that you want to ensure you have thoroughly researched your financing options and what you will be responsible for if you decide to go with one. So what are some financing options you can opt for when enrolling in our programs? Let us tell you.

  • Payment Plans – yes, you’re reading correctly, we offer payment plans. We’ve been assisting students in financing their education by allowing them a year to fully pay off their tuition. We do require a $500 down payment before funding the balance, which is cheaper than if you do it through a credit card.
  • Credit Card – there are many credit cards which offer no interest or a low-interest promotion that run for a couple of days, but keep in mind that you will be paying the interest rate of your card which is something to consider (do the calculations and see how much you’ll be paying). You might want to consult with your credit card company to ensure there are interest promotions or if you have questions.
  • Lending Agency – there are many to lending agencies that can make small personal loans with an interest that is determined by risk. Ensure you know all the details and terms before accepting. You always get a personal loan from a bank but again assure yourself of the terms and conditions.
  • Job – working part-time is another option you can take since our courses are offered in the evenings. It leaves room to work and earn money to pay as you begin your new career. If you choose our online course, you have more liberty in making your hours for work and your education.

*please keep in mind these are options, some which are not associated with us only the first option

We know the worries that come from financing your education. It can be a lot to take in and to consider, but if you have questions about our payment plans, we offer our students, feel free to contact us via Facebook messenger or email with Kathy Mitchell at [email protected].  For more options in financial assistance, you can go to our page here.

If you’re interested in knowing more information about our CORE programs, click on the program you want more information on.  

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