Familiarized Dental Software

Dental Software to be Familiarized With

While staying current with technology and patients, dental practices are required to know how to retain and attract more patients while still being ahead of the game with their technology. Patients want to be part of a dental clinic who is efficient and modern. It’s harsh to hear especially if your practice is comfortable and likes to use traditional methods of treating patients and tracking patients records.

But most practices now have switched to dental office management software. Software that as a dental staff member should be familiarized using or knowing the basics. Yes, there will be many dental, but it doesn’t mean you have to know all of them. However, there are three you should be familiar since most dental practices are likely to be using one of the three in their clinic.


An expensive but trusted and very well-known dental software, Dentrix is used by many dental offices. It’s an on-premise software which only runs on Windows, so if you are familiar with moving around in Windows, then you have an advantage. Dentrix has many key features necessary to help manage appointments, calendar, claims, billing, and much more which make the learning curve steep.


Another commonly known software, Eaglesoft is another on-premise software practical for any dental clinic size. This software has many dental features for both the clinical side and front office operations. If you’re new to the dental field or never used Eaglesoft, don’t worry the learning curve isn’t steep, it is user-friendly and easy to learn.


Also referred to as Carestream Dental or CS SoftDent, is a software with the option of on-premise and cloud version for limited to unlimited access but allows to be run on Windows and Mac. It has many features beyond the other two that’s useful for both clinical and front-office dental software. It’s an easy-to-learn software with tools that’ll help you work efficiently.

Many dental softwares are out there, but these are the three most commonly used in dental practices to store patient’s information and to keep the practice running smoothly and efficiently. As part of the dental staff, being willing to learn and having knowledge of dental management software is beneficial to your success in your dental career.

What software are you familiar with? Do you have a preference for working with a particular software? Tell us in the comments?

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