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What To Consider With Cloud-based Dental Software

Modern software programs are helping to organize better and advance practices faster and efficiently. You’ve probably heard of cloud-based dental software and are starting to wonder if you should make the switch from your desktop version to a cloud-based software?

You want to know what all the fuss is about and what a cloud-based software can offer. We know what you mean. When you are planning on making a switch, there is a lot of factors to consider. The cloud-based dental software can already offer more than traditional software, and here is a list what it can provide for your practice.

  1. Cloud Storage  –  there will no longer be a need for physical storage or manual backups. With cloud-based software, it will do the automatic backup for you in addition to storing all information in the cloud.
  2. Syncs Data – with cloud storage, your practice will be able to access record information across other computers. There is no need for having the software installed and maintained on the computers your office is using plus it reduces the costs of having expensive computers to do the processing. All information will be accessible over the internet via middleware. It allows multiple users and devices to use the information and save it so; it’s available to other users. All you’ll need is web-access!
  3. Automatic Updates – don’t worry about the cost of software maintenance or upgrades. For an additional fee, you can have your software update automatically 24/7 which reduces the costs of paying an IT specialist to do the maintenance and upgrade. All you need to worry about is that the computers in used are updated to work efficiently and connected to the web.
  4. Security – cloud-based software is known for their security foundation. They offer protection when records information is transferred and stored in the cloud and doesn’t cost more.
  5. Competitive Advantage – when you are searching for dental cloud-based software, you want to ensure it provides a competitive advantage to your clinic. You want to ensure cloud service is partnered up with a partner or has the appropriate monitoring system, recovery, and business continuity plans. The more cost-effective, secure and time efficient the software can be the more competitive your practice can be.

Making a switch from your current traditional software to a cloud-based dental software is not an easy decision. There will be other factors you will have to account for in your decision such as training and migration of information and data. If the resources and time are present, think about whether it’s the move is right for your practice. What are some of your thoughts on cloud-based dental software, tell us in the comments below?

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