New Career Possibilities Beyond Call Centers

Discover new career opportunities beyond being a call representative at a call center. We can offer you the chance to experience a new career in 12 short weeks through our Dental Administration course.

Worried about entering into a career of Dental Administration? Don’t be! You have the skill sets to be a successful dental administrator. As a call representative, you have a professional and friendly demeanor which is necessary when helping patients and working with others as a team. You’ll be able to do more than just answer calls from customers and research a solution to their concerns or complaints. You have the opportunity to do other tasks within an office environment and learn marketing and branding, the business aspect of a dental office.

You’ll still be in the business of catering to the needs and wants of people and the ability to interact with a variety of people. Entering into the career of a dental administration will open your career options to more than just one position. With our dental administration training, you’ll be able to apply to be a scheduling coordinator, dental office manager, account manager, financial treatment coordinator, human resource manager, and marketing specialist. Options to explore and to discover the career you want to be part of!

No more sitting at a desk long hours with a headset attached to your ears. Experience the freedom you have of taking on new tasks, sitting in your office or standing to alleviate your back or release some stress. If you’re looking to do more and get more from your career, consider the opportunities you can get from training in dental administration, in just short 12-weeks.

Just think in a couple of months you can start a new career in dental administration. A job that opens you to a new profession, flexible schedule, and will allow you to apply skills sets you already have to the field of dentistry. Get more from your career by training in dental administration. Apply the skills you already have while gaining new ones to expand your career horizons. Reduce the time you spend sitting, attached to a headset by becoming a dental administrator today.    

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